Welcome! The happily married duo behind it all, we are Rudy & Carolina of Rudy Valentino Photography founded in 2011.
Rudy has always had a fascination in art and creativity. His story telling through the lens reveals his true passion for photography. As family and friends might say, he is a very laid back photographer who enjoys making people laugh and learning new things. Carolina found her love for photography through her husband Rudy. Her attraction to the hobby became a profession as she always enjoyed watching him do what he loves most. She enjoys meeting new people and learning to see the life of others through her devotion for photography. Making others feel complacent and happy has always been her number one goal. Together they realized that they have discovered their calling; documenting the love of all who seek their services.  Blessed to photograph two souls committed to the promise of forever, their passion for life and photography help to tell the story of your adventure. Your special day will always be approached with an artistic eye. We capture stunning portraits, the little details that make your wedding "yours" and the candid moments that you want to be able to share with generations to come. Memories are fragile and precious. Your first kiss, walking down the aisle, and the first dance - It only happens once and yet they resonate and reach beyond our lifetimes. They overflow into the next generation. Your stories are worthy to be documented.  Rudy and Carolina love connecting with people who are excited to share their story and who trust them with it.
Your story is worthy of being told by anyone; but Rudy and Carolina would be honored to share it.